Foundation Repair
We use a number of methods to fix cracks in your basement walls and foundations in Le Claire, IA and the Quad Cities

Sometimes, an epoxy injection will take care of it.

However, with more severe cracks, we might use carbon fiber material to seal the cracks.

Foundations can be repaired in several ways depending on the severity of the damage. Here are the common methods of foundation repair:

Crack Injection: One common method of foundation repair is crack injection. This process involves injecting epoxy or polyurethane into the foundation cracks to stop further damage.  Watch the video below to see the Grid Stitch method in action

Underpinning: This method involves the addition of new foundation supports to the existing foundation to improve load-bearing capacity. A process called resistance piers or helical piers are often used for this method.

Grouting: This process involves injecting grout underneath the foundation to fill any voids or spaces between the foundation and soil.

Carbon Fiber Reinforcement: Here, carbon fiber straps or plates are used to reinforce the weak or damaged foundation walls.

Excavation: For severely damaged foundations, excavation may be required to access and repair the foundation. This method involves digging around the foundation, repairing or replacing damaged parts, and rebuilding the foundation.

For details on specific projects, head over to our Showcases page to learn more.
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