Concrete Raising

Why Does Concrete Settle?
Repairing sunken and uneven concrete can be easy, clean and 1/3-1/2 the price of replacing your concrete. With polyurethane concrete lifting; Holes drilled in your concrete are smaller and nearly invisible!
  • Poor soil conditions - As soils become saturated with water, the clay expands and loses strength. This condition allows slabs to sink - just like standing in wet mud. This can occur from heavy rains, melting snow or plumbing leaks.
  • Poor compaction - Many homes are built on backfilled soils. If the soil is not compacted correctly before construction, backfill will gradually compact unevenly, sometimes over a year, which allows slabs to settle.
  • Tree roots - Trees and large shrubs can consume up to 30 gallons of water a day. If located near concrete, the loss of water in the soil will make the soil contract and can cause the slabs to settle.
  • Poor drainage - Improper drainage can cause soil instability by creating saturated soils, which allows the slabs to settle. Poor drainage can be typical of an area, or as minor as a misplaced down spout.
Repairing sunken and uneven concrete can be easy, clean, and HALF the price of replacing your concrete! 
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