Bowed Wall Stabilization

ACE uses the strongest anchoring top-to-bottom system in the industry.   We are certified installers of the Fortress Invisibeam System.

Fortress was the first company to develop a top-of-wall anchor for basement wall repair.


  • The Fortress top anchor is post-tensioned after installation.
    This ensures that the top anchor and wall are engaged under tension, and holding fast when the job is complete. No other company has a post-tensioned wall anchor.
  • Bolting to the rim joist is safer. The sill plate is not adequately connected to the floor joist to carry the load.
    The Fortress top anchor is mechanically fastened to the rim joist, not the sill plate. By connecting to the rim joist, the Fortress top anchor engages the building’s floor system, providing a stronger, more durable anchor. This prevents any movement of the basement wall.
  • A stronger connection.
    Many older homes do not have enough sill plate-to-foundation wall connections to ensure that the sill plate will hold under stress. Engaging the floor system (first story floor to top of basement wall) provides the strongest, safest connection.
  • Carbon/Kevlar strap-over is four times stronger than steel.
  • A permanent solution for your basement walls.
Watch the short video below to see how the system works.

What causes bowing?

External soil pressure can produce three types of pressure on your walls. They are:

  • Tipping - at the top

  • Bowing - at the center of the wall

  • Shearing - at the bottom of the wall.

Learn more about the Fortress Invisibeam system here.
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If your wall(s) fails after having the Fortress Invisibeams installed, Fortress will pay for the rebuild.
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